Question by  Gr8Turk (22)

What are these yellow and black flying bugs in my yard?


Answer by  Zazza (48)

There are many different kinds bugs that look like this. Some of these are dangerous, like wasps, while others are not, they fool predators by looking dangerous.


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

They are likely bees, wasps or hornets. Bees are usually harmless, especially bumble bees. Wasps or hornets are more aggressive and can be making a nest near your home.


Answer by  dad2crue (55)

Having an unidentifiable bug in your backyard can be troubling. More often than not a yellow and black flying bug is a hornet, wasp or bumblebee.


Answer by  catman529 (809)

They could be bees, wasps, yellowjackets (a type of wasp), or some type of fly such as the hoverfly which looks like a bee or wasp. Hoverflies are harmless; bees and wasps can sting but bees are not nearly as aggressive as wasps.


Answer by  Mike11 (59)

The bugs are a form of bee. They could be yellow jackets, honeybees or wasps. If you see a nest in your yard then it is a bee. Beware they will sting. if you bother them they will sting you. Be care ful where you walk because some bees nest in the ground.


Answer by  aman5194 (1)

I have black with yellow striped bugs flying in the yard what are they?

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