Question by  LucindaSue1 (51)

What are the uses for electrical 12.2 wires?


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

I assume you are meaning 12/2 cable. Which is two 12 gauge conductors a black insulated wire and white insulated wire plus a bare coper ground wire. This wire is rated for 20 amps and is used for most home wiring of lights and outlets.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

This wire is used for home applications up to 20 amps coming out of a circuit breaker box particularly in home areas where heavy duty appliances are regularly used such as the kitchen or utility closet, the wire will fail and overheat if more than 20 amps is applied for extended periods.


Answer by  Wil (54)

They are used for wiring connections between the fuse block and electrical outlets in all types of applications involving EMT tubing; that is for example: houses, apartments, offices and small shops. These wires are very common and have wide variety of applications including home and kitchen appliances, hand tools, electrical trimmers, etc.


Answer by  Cheyelashes (40)

12.2 wire is used for Residential applacations where a 20 amp. load is needed. Usally for outlets or home run wire. It can handle loads up to 30 amps for short periods.

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