Question by  Porthos (20)

What are the three tithes of Judaism?


Answer by  Mike39 (320)

The First Tithe is 10% of a produce which was supposed to be given to a Levite. The Second Tithe was separated from the remaining produce and was brought to Jerusalem Temple during and eaten there. The Third Tithe was given to the poor people in the years when the Second Tithe wasn't required.


Answer by  NoahEdema (58)

The law required certain tithes (or "gifts") from every Jew who owned land. The first tithe was for Levites, the second was for using the temple and the great feasts, and the final tithe was for the poor of the land.


Answer by  rjn613 (100)

They are first tithe, given to the Levites, second tithe, to be eaten in Jerusalem, and the poor tithe, given in the third and sixth years of the agricultural cycle.

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