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Question by  allergymom (26)

What are the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion?


Answer by  Angie99 (7)

1. Fatigue 2. Insomnia 3. The Feeling of being overwhelmed 4. Craving of foods that contain sugar and/or salt 5. Sensitive to light 6. Stamina is lower than normal 7. Prolonged healing process from being sick or injures 8. Inability to concentrate 9. Irritable bowel syndrome / IBS


Answer by  Sergiu (344)

Adrenal exhaustion occurs when for some reason, usually chronic stress or depression where the adrenal glands release high amounts of hormones for a long period until become exhausted and some dysfunction appears. The symptoms are : chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, apathy , hypotension


Answer by  Kath (1537)

They are a low energy level, craving for salty and sweet foods, and the inability to handle stress. In women it can cause menstral irregularities.

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