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Question by  jujubee13 (29)

What are the special considerations in training a Rat Terrier?

He is a very special dog.


Answer by  violetv (45)

In training a Rat Terrier it can be hard and time consuming. This type of dog needs a lot of attention and time. It's almost like raising a child. A Rat Terrier is a hyper active dog so you would need to find something that would keep their attention on you (the trainer) and nothing else.


Answer by  Shiny31 (20)

One must have a lot of patience and free time when training a rat terrier. You have to keep in mind that these dogs were breed for a task and if not given work to do regularly will instead do other negative things to receive attention like dig up your backyard and chew on cables.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Rat terriers are VERY smart.They don't realize their size and are very prone to "Small Dog Syndrome" you need to show this dog that you are the boss.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

Like all small dogs let him walk on his own no carrying, and teach him 'leave it' terriers will chase and that includes into burrows which might become dangerous.

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