Question by  krishna54 (212)

What are the side effects of Flax Seed Oil?


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

Flax seed oil usually causes diarrhea if over 30 mg is taken per day. It also increases the chance of excessive bleeding.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I do not have any side effects from drinking flax seed oil. Sometimes I burp up the oil, but that is not often. I usually take it in the morning and it give me a chance to digest with the meals I eat during the day.


Answer by  SuchetaMalikGambhir (234)

Flaxseed oil is the richest plant source of omega3 fatty acids, but is has some side effects as well. It increases the risk of prostate cancer. If taken in large quantity, it leads to flatulence and loose stools. It also increases inflammation at times.


Answer by  wjgsert (403)

Flax Seed Oil is believed to be unsafe during pregnancy, possibly causing premature delivery. It may also increase the risk of bleeding after surgical procedures.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

Some of the flax seed oil side effects are diarhea and loose stools. Side effectonly happen if you take them at high doses. If you take them at a reasonable level, you will not have to worry about side effects.

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