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Question by  denise52 (38)

What are the rules in Nascar concerning pit stops?

I am new to NASCAR and would like to understand how many people they can have over the wall and what happens if they go to fast on pit row.


Answer by  AmericanScubaMan (20)

In Nascar, there can be a total of 8 men on the pit team. Generally, you will find a jackman, two tire changers, gas man, catch man, two tire carriers, and a utility man (who can only be over the wall in the 2nd half of the race).


Answer by  bb0603 (208)

When the car makes it's stop only 7 crew members can go over the wall and work on the car. If caught to fast, must stop again for five seconds.


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

They usually allow 7 men over the wall at one time, sometimes 8 if something really goes wrong. The Nascar official is also in the pits to monitor what goes on. For speeding you have to do a drive thru penalty.


Answer by  grahamat (52)

There are seven pit crew members that are allowed over the wall and an eighth team member is allowed during the second half of the race. The penalty for going too fast on pit row is that you have to come back to pit row, stop, and then go again.

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