Question by  vasurajaB (19)

What are the requirements to get married in the Philippine Catholic Church?


Answer by  aggiesan (314)

You need to have a birth certificate, a marriage license that you have to get from the city municipality, and you also need a Certificate of No marriage from the National Statistics Office, you need to attend a marriage seminar sponsored by the church and a familiy planning seminar sponsored by the Department of Health.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

In order to get married in the Philippine Catholic Church, you need to see your church officials and get your marriage license before the ceremony.


Answer by  ammutajju (62)

Marriage License,Baptismal Certificate,Catholic Seminar,Canonical Interview,NSO Birth Certificates,CENOMAR,Parental Consent for couples aged 18 to 21 or Parental Advice,Passport sized Pictures,Residence Certificate


Answer by  shadow1010089 (31)

Marriage License (4 months prior to wedding), Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate, Publication of Wedding Banns for 3 Sundays, Catholic Seminar, Canonical Interview, and List of Principal Sponsors.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

It depends upon whether you want it be sacramental or non sacramental. One partner must be a Catholic and the other must be a baptized Christian.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well the requirements are that you have to be of legal age and you have to follow the tenants of christianity.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

You must be baptized, then certification to be married given by a Catholic pastor. You need a marriage license, then permission and certification of singularity.

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