Question by  Pete59 (83)

How can I make my own purse patterns?

I would like to make purses to sell.


Answer by  Love1323 (68)

Use a piece of paper to construct a purse. Piece it together and cut apart the paper purse along "seams" and use it as a template.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

Consider the material you wish to use for your purses. Then draw out patterns of the styles of purses you'd like to make. You may want to begin with a few simple styles. Use old newspapers to cut out pattern pieces for your purses. Then knit, sew or crochet your purses from the patterns pieces.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

The best way is to deconstruct an old purse you like. Carefully use a seam ripper to take out the seams, preserving the original shape of the pieces as much as possible. The pieces become your template for the new pattern. You may not be able to deconstruct the strap - you'll have to measure the dimensions.


Answer by  babylove (655)

You can make your own purse patterns on the computer, if you have a graphic editor like Photoshop or Corel, you can create a pattern and print it own. Another option would to be just drawing it up. After that go to a fabric store and see if you can request to get a pattern made.

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