Question by  Lyli (21)

Can you rate Owens Corning Duration paint?

I need ratings on Owens Corning Duration.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

To my knowledge, there was a recall done after the paint didn't hold up to it's 30 year guarantee. So I'm not sure if you will even be able to get yours hands on this. In my opinion, anything Owens Corning is almost the best you can get. If you can aquire this, it is worth it.


Answer by  Senuue (98)

Owens Corning Duration is not a paint, it is a roof shingle. The only paint I know of that is named Duration comes from Sherwin Williams and is the top of the line from that company. These are rated very high and come with lifetime guarantees as well.


Answer by  Gustaw (118)

they are manufactured from materials to ensure reliable and long-term use. Has a 30 year warranty and a highest class of fire resistance.Guarantee of wind loads up to 180 km/h. Looks they are one from the best roofing materials on the international market.

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