Question by  Tnm84 (23)

What are the questions women ask in relationships?

I want to have answers prepared when my girlfriend asks me the tough ones.


Answer by  Xander (38)

Most common questions are: How much do you love me? Will you always love me like this? How important I am to you? Why do you spend time with your friends instead of me? What about your past relationships? How many sex partners have you had? How do I look?


Answer by  mdzzz17 (99)

what is your past? any ex-girlfriends? what is your career planning? description about your family? what are your future plannings? what is your annual salary? did you love anybody?


Answer by  wallaby78 (2293)

I think girls want to know about the future. What are your future plans? Do you want kids? How many?

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