Question by  glennabeaver64 (7)

What are the new three wheeled motorcycles I see all over the place?

I have seen several three wheeled motorcycles.


Answer by  JAKEMOON (20)

These tri-wheeled motor vehicles are called the Can-Am Spyder Roadsters, which feature two frontal wheels for steering and a single rear wheel in the back. These are manufactured in Valcourt, Quebec Canada by a privately held manufacturing corporation that goes by Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. The corporation produces a wide variety of motorized all terrain vehicles.


Answer by  Daniel69 (43)

They are called the Can Am spider. A company called Bombardier Recreational Products owns it and have been producing ATVs but is also building these unique bikes. They have over 100hp and computer controlled traction control and stability control. I hear they are amazing to ride and very stable. Riding them is compared more to the characteristics of ATVs.


Answer by  dancprncss6 (59)

There are a ton of new makes and models of the thre wheeled motorcycles but the most common one to see on the road is the Can Am Spiders. There are several kits for purchase as well that allow you to turn your own motorcycle into a three wheeled version.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

They are trikes. They come in many different bands, styles, and sizes. Contact your local motorcycle companies to get more information.

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