Question by  Cooper (24)

What are the NASCAR rules for pitting during a yellow flag?


Answer by  Terry (104)

All race cars must slow down and hold they're position. They can pit when pit lane is open during a yaellow flag only when pit lane is open. They cannot pass the pace car during a yellow flag. Any driver/car that does'nt follow those rules will be penalized.


Answer by  paulp74115 (129)

During a yellow flag (or caution), NASCAR drivers may enter Pit Row only when NASCAR opens it. Also, drivers must keep their speed below a certain threshold when entering and exiting Pit Row. Speeding may result in a pass-through penalty.


Answer by  GJC7 (79)

Originally all cars are locked into place at yellow. Except some tracks allow a race back to the caution where lapped cars can make up a lap. NASCAR and some other motorsports series have implemented the beneficiary rule for the highest ranked car one lap.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

During a yellow flag cars on the lead lap may pit during the first lap of caution once the pits are open.


Answer by  JamesJackson (4)

NASCAR rules say that drivers can not pit during a yellow cation flag because the flag stands for a hazard.

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