Question by  SiddharthKadu (14)

What are the most respected careers?


Answer by  Anonymous

The wrong careers are appreciated for the wrong reasons. I believe it should be Architecture. 90% will read this in a house designed by an Architect.


Answer by  em (201)

It is commonly believed that being a lawyer or a dentist was a respectable job, but as the economy is shifting we are seeing other jobs, such as, plumbers and electricians making the same, if not more money then the previously mentioned profession.


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

To me some of them are:teachers(for helping teach right and wrong),police officers(putting their lives on the line),firefighters(going where others would not go),medical personal(helping save lives on a day to day base). Above is a list that I think should be on top.


Answer by  jmansfie (282)

The most respected careers are teachers and doctors. These careers are mostly respected due to their ability to help humankind. They are revered because not only do they have to go to college, but they alleviate suffering, and change lives.


Answer by  rac1019 (3)

Nurses by far. It may be the doctor that diagnosis an illness but nurses get you well. They "care" for the whole patient and treat not only the patient but the family as well. My vote is for Nurses! yay


Answer by  mohankumar (83)

The most respected carrers would be to become a chartered accountant for which you should be good in numbers or else if you have love for you city you can become a district collector or town planner again for this you should love to meet people of diverse backgrounds.

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