Question by  LeahJeffries (18)

What are the most famous German rock bands?


Answer by  Kym (65)

The Scorpions are the most famous followed by Accept, Helloween, Tangerine Dream Kraftwerk, Revolverheld, Warlock and the Michael Schenker group. They are considered most famous because they saw success well beyond Germany into the international scene. Milly Vanilly was also from Germany but I don't know if we'd call them famous or infamous.


Answer by  tim22 (52)

There are several famous German rock bands. German bands have influenced everything from Heavy Metal to Pop to techno music. Post-war Germany has been a hot-bed of music innovation. Some really good ones include: Scorpions, Tokio Hotel, Nena (new wave), Rammstein, KMFDM, Kraftwerk (Electronic), Tangerine Dream (Electronic), Warlock. Oomph!, Die Fantastischen Vier and Einst├╝rzende Neubauten.


Answer by  Jane5144 (6)

The Scorpions have to be considered when thinking about the most famous German rock band. They are celebrating their Farewell Tour in 2010/2011, gained worldwide popularity and will always be remembered being the band that wrote the song to accompany the Fall of the Wall in 1989, 'Wind of Change'.


Answer by  ParrotPirate (477)

The most famous German bands I know of are Scorpions, Accept and Rammstein. Scorpions and Accept are 1980s metal bands, and Rammstein is a 90s industrial/metal band. Scorpions and Accept sing in English for the most part, but Rammstein sings mostly in German.

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