Question by  KeeyaZ (30)

What are the marriage rituals in India?

I want to incorporate different wedding traditions into my own wedding.


Answer by  Tama (9)

For days prior to the wedding, the Family will dance throughout the street, also the sisters of the groom will block the door of the home, and demand money from the groom in order for the bride and groom to enter.


Answer by  jb22 (18)

The wedding itself takes place mainly in a tent called a mandap which is beautifully decorated with flowers. The ceremony is quite an elaborate affair that lasts for several hours. The ceremony is attended by a large number of relatives and friends.


Answer by  Pinto (166)

Hindus use Turmeric paste and catholics use coconut juice as a cleanser before the wedding. The couples walk round the sacred fire seven times holding hands. Couples exchange garlands.


Answer by  Lizamarie (49)

Marriage in India is a filled with many family members and rituals. One main one is to have these rituals performed in a Mandap.


Answer by  Sarathviswa (19)

Indian marriage ritual process 1. Bride's parents Looking for a groom who looks good and good family background 2. engagement is happening after choosing the groom. During engagement they are fixing the marriage date 3. Marriage is happened at the fixed date

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