Question by  Li10 (4)

What are the liquor laws in different states?

I thought all states had a drinking age of 21.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Liquor laws have to do with the distribution/sale (wholesale/retail) of alcohol. Some states, like Ohio, sell liquor only through State Stores, while other states license party stores/other licensed outlets. Some states allow beer and/or wine to be sold in the grocery, while other allow beer/wine/liquor to be sold. Search online for the laws of a specific state.


Answer by  RedShift (177)

Although the drinking age is 21 in all states the availability of liquor is different from state to state. You can buy liquor in Las Vegas 24/7 but can't buy it on Sunday morning in several states and in some states cannot buy it at all on Sundays. There are still dry counties in the south.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Federal legislation in 1984 made the drinking age 21 in all states. States, however, have different ways of handling the sale of liquor. In Ohio, for example, all liquor is sold through State Stores. In Louisiana, you can buy liquor just about anywhere, including grocery stores and gas stations. Some states allow groceries to hold liquor licenses; some don't.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

The drinking age is 21 in all states. The manner in which alcohol is sold varies from state to state. Ohio, for example, has State Stores where you must go to purchase liquor. Some states allow liquor to be sold in properly licensed retail stores, like groceries and drugstores. All states have specific restrictions, just not the same ones.

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