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Question by  Kiwithree (1)

What are the limitations of a California parole agent on investigating parolee violation of special conditions?

E.g., special condition - not to contact spouse (victim).


Answer by  romanguy (233)

Because parolees have waived their 4th amendment rights in exchange for early release, parole agents do not have many restrictions in dealing with the parolee. They may detain, question and search him anytime without warrant, and have a duty to investigate violations. The spouse however has normal citizens rights.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

There are no limitations. One of the trades off for early parole or any parole is the waiving of your 4th Amendment Right. They can interview anyone and go as far as they need they have to in order to check if you are adhering to your parole. So just follow the guidelines.

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