Question by  pinkberry (10)

What are the income requirements for Tenncare?

This is a medicaid for low income families.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

The income requirements are based on the size of your family. If it is a four person household, the requirements are around 2,240 per month.


Answer by  IndianaQuilter (5)

The person or family must meet requirements as set forth by the State. Said requirements include income for all individuals within the family unit. Persons who falsify their applications for Tenncare will be deemed not elgible for enrollment in any aspect of program.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Medicaid has a federal requirement of 50,000 for families and 35,000 for individuals. Basically, with Tenncare, it's the same thing, give or take a few adjustments to the standard of living. If you're not employed, then you should immediately apply for tenncare and show them your unemployment stubs or rejection letter.


Answer by  jojo57 (11)

Maximum gross weekly income is as follows: First adult over 18: $460 Additional adults over 18: Each $155 First child under 18: Add $235 Additional child under 18: Each $80

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