Question by  R19 (16)

What is the best way for a third-grade to learn multiplication facts?

I'd like her to go into fourth grade and have all the facts down.


Answer by  777nerd (21)

The best way to learn multiplication facts is for the child to learn the facts for one digit at a time, using something as simple as flashcards. That is learn all the ones (1x1, 1x2, 1x3, etc.), then the twos, and so forth. Other than flashcards, a good method involves repetitive writing of the facts.


Answer by  Mathmeteachin (192)

The easiest way is through visualization. Get their favorite cereal and line them up in rows of 1,2,3,4,5's (5 fives) etc... If they can "see" math they can understand it.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

First, it is important that your child understands what multiplication tables are -- which is basically a quick way to add up numbers. Then practice using flash cards and charts.


Answer by  anrimala36 (208)

If she is a visual learner, you could set out blocks. For example, for 6x4, have her set out four rows of six each and count them at the end.

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