Question by  sudheer (12)

Why would I need a Visa pin number?

I received a call from my Visa card company saying I needed to activate my pin number.


Answer by  patti (29325)

"Visa" doesn't call to tell you to activate a PIN. Never discuss credit cards/other accounts unless you initiate the call or the caller has identifying information that confirms the source of the call. If you were to receive a call about your Visa, it would be from the issuing lender.


Answer by  neverendingrepairs (21)

The use of a visa pin number is to ensure security in identifiying that it is only you using your card.


Answer by  Cali (518)

Your pin number is so that you can make withdrawls or deposits at a bank location. The Visa pin number is only named that because it is a Visa card, and activiating that pin number with Visa activates the card. If the number is not activated the card will not work at any locations.


Answer by  John (9008)

This is primarily used if you decide to take a cash advance from your card. If you have a PIN number, you can do this at most ATMs. If you are certain that you will never use your Visa for a cash advance, you can probably live without having a PIN.

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