Question by  anja (19)

What are the different types of manicures?

I want to get my nails done, but I don't know what type of manicure to get. I have never been to a professional salon.


Answer by  shenanigans (27)

There are often quite a few different options to choose from depending on where you go and the price you're willing to pay. They usually differ in types of lotions/oils and scrubs, time, and massage components. You also get to decide what color/look your nails will ultimately be, including french (white tip), glitter, and additional design or accessories.


Answer by  zakk (35)

A basic manicure will involve removing old polish, soaking, clipping and shaping nails, a brief hand massage with lotion, and application of a new polish shade. A french manicure is clear or natural opaque polish with white tips. Many salons will also offer 'novelty' manicures with additional services included. Your salon will have a menu detailing these options.


Answer by  milla (27)

A simple American manicure includes all of the basics and is a great way to try out getting professional manicure for the first time. It will include trimming, cuticle cutting and basic single color polish. For a more indulgent experience try a "spa manicure" which will include a hand and forearm massage, lotion, and maybe even a warm paraffin treatment.


Answer by  sonu (21)

French Manicure- any color paint on the body of the nail and white color on the nail. Paraffin Manicure- dipping the hands in wax. Hot Stone type Luxury & Spa Manicure.


Answer by  drJ (841)

First, there are natural and artificial nails. Once you decide if you want fake nails or not, most salons will usually offer a regular and a "spa" manicure; the spa manicure will often have services like paraffin dips, massage and exfoliation. Finally, you can get regular polish, a french manicure (white tips), or a hand-painted (artistic) paint job.


Answer by  aggiesan (314)

There is a popular manicure called the french tip consisting of a clear nail polish with white tips, there are manicure that consists of plain solid colors, there are also nail art where they put design on your nails.


Answer by  ewam (403)

You can get tons of different kinds. You could get the traditional french tip manicure. Or you could go fancier. They have tons of colors you can choose from. Also, most nail salons practice in small detailed drawing you can put on your nails. For instance, you can have ghosts on Haloween and hearts on Valentines!


Answer by  jenmarie1986 (76)

There are a lots of different options to chose from but make sure that it fits best with your lifestyle. Any fake nail is going to hurt your actual nail.

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