Question by  chavez (12)

What are the different types of manga?


Answer by  Joana91 (14)

There are actually quite a few types of manga. The most known are Doujinshi, representing "the underground" manga, made by fans of the original series, Hentai, with a powerful sexual tendency, Kodomo, manga for very young children, Josei and Seinen, for adult females and males, as well as Shoujo or Shonen, for teenager boys and girls.


Answer by  MJones30 (19)

There are many different manga genres. Some of the most common are Shojo (for girls), Shonen (for boys), Josei (for women), Seinen (for men), and Hentai (strictly for adults).


Answer by  peex (9)

As with any book, there are many different genres of manga. Two of the most popular fiction types are shojo and shonen. Shojo is more of a romantic fiction, where shonen is action. I would recommend exploring all types of manga and find the one that suits you best!


Answer by  Clairlyssia (233)

There are 10 main types of manga, they are: Doujinshi, Gekiga, Hentai, Josei, Seinen, Shōujo, Shōnen, Kodomo, Shōujo-ai / Yuri, Shōnen-ai / Yaoi


Answer by  KazeRyuu (8)

The types of manga are: Doujinshi, Gekiga, Hentai, Josei, Seinen, Shōujo, Shōnen, Kodomo, Shōujo-ai, Yuri, Shōnen-ai and the Yaoi. The Doujinshi, Hentai, Seinen, Yuri and Yaoi are Manga designed for adults, while Kodomo are for little children's, Shōujo and Shōnen are for kids between 10 to 18 years old and the Gekiga is a Dramatic/ Literally type of manga


Answer by  Belle (75)

There are about 8 different types of manga, a few are: Doujinshi which is basically fan-fiction based off a television show or written series; Hentai which is the hardcore, sexual manga geared towards adults and Shōjo which is aimed towards young women 18 and up.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, there are many different types including Hentie, Joshie and Gedika. Joshie is geared for adult women. Hentie is more of a comic based for kids. There are many more types. You can see the full list on wikipedia by searching up for manga. The list is all inclusive of types.

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