Question by  xx (24)

What are the different positions in soccer, and what skills do you need for them?


Answer by  ecimir (89)

Players are divided in defenders, midfielders, forwards and goalkeepers. Goalkeeper has to be tall, have good reflexes and must have good judgment when jumping for a high balls. Defenders have to be strong, good tacklers and must work together to form line of defense. Midfielders must have good long shot and passing skills. Forwards must be fast and tricky.


Answer by  MOlurin (13)

In soccer there are CF - Center forward, RF - Right forward, LF - Left Forward, CAM - Center attacking midfield, RWM Right wingman, LWM Left Wingman, CB - Center Back , LB - Left Back, RB - Right Back , GK - Goal Keeper , CDM center defence midfield


Answer by  alz (2329)

There is: sweeper, stopper, defensive backs, midfield, forward and goalie. The sweeper and stopper are part of the defense so you ned to be fast and aggressive. The midfielders ned to have a lot of stamina to run the whole game.

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