Question by  sessy1978 (20)

What are the different kinds of frogs?

I like frogs and want to see how many different kinds I can find.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

There are gray tree frogs, bull frogs, green tree frogs, northern leopard frogs, northern cricket frogs can also be found in america.


Answer by  lmm30 (294)

different kinds of frogs are wood frogs, spring peepers, bull frog, tree frog, green frog, leopard frog, flying frog, mountain frog


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

There's more than 5000 different kinds of frogs. The order Anura has about 4810 different species, and 33 families. The most common are Leptodactylidae, Hylidae, and Ranidae, but there's quite a few more.


Answer by  BethHall (256)

There are over 3,400 species of frogs. Frog is a Greek word for "two lives". This literally means that they live on land and in water.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

There are more than 90 different kinds of frogs in North America. I will name the most common: bullfrog, gray tree frog, green tree frog, northern leopard frog, northern chorus and the northern cricket frogs are just some of the ones that you might see in your backyard.


Answer by  Brida (102)

There are about 5000 types of frogs and the number is growing. White's Tree Frogs, are held as pets, because they are very cute, affectionate and easy to handle. Then there exist venomous frogs such as the Golden Poison Frog, too. It is impossible to name them all but there are great books in stores or at your library available.


Answer by  LittleJohn (242)

Nearly there are 4,000 types of frogs in almost every part of the world. The only place that there are no frogs is Antarctica. Many types of the frogs can be found in the tropics because it is a warm and wet environment. Different types of frogs will have different skeletons.

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