Question by  gummie (738)

What are some good freshwater fish tank-mates for dwarf frogs?

My aquarium with dwarf frogs needs variety.


Answer by  darcyn77 (321)

Any passive fish should be fine, other than goldfish. They have a slime on them that is bad for any other kind of fish. The best fish would be angel fish, as they are not fin nippers, so would be unlikely to eat the legs off your frogs. Tetras and gouramis probably will.

posted by Anonymous
I put a very small Anglefish and a dwarf frog together in an aproximately 1 gallon tank. The Angelfish was slightly bigger than the frog. The frog grabbed the Angelfish's dangling fin. The fish got away, but 10 minutes later died. Mean frog?  add a comment

Answer by  navywriter (790)

Small fish or other animals would be best beacause large ones would eat the frogs. Try some snails, or calm fish that like the same type of water. Betta fish can be mixed with dwarf frogs, as they both like brackish water. Make sure you have plants for them to hide in.


Answer by  Sean80 (23)

Well obviously you are limited to fresh water fish which tend to lack in color other than the cichlid family. However there are few peaceful cichlids if but a few if you want to look. Community fish will be your best bet of atleast 2 inches like silver tip sharks, platy, mollys, barbs, and larger tetras.


Answer by  FishDude (18)

Coolie Loaches, small Tetras, a Siamese Algae Eater, Guppies, Ghost Shrimp and White Cloud Minnows can live with Dwarf Frogs. Make sure that the frogs get enough to eat as they are not very fast at eating. Feeding them with a turkey baster helps. The frogs will eat any eggs that the fish produce. The fish will do likewise.


Answer by  javaman09 (180)

Dwarf frogs do not cover or protect themselves very well, so I would recommend the most gentle of fish in the aquarium. Guppies & goldfish have few problems with them, and I have seen that plecostimus are also accepted.


Answer by  rangerrick1960 (16)

Most non-aggressive fish should be fine. I have Bosemani Rainbow Fish and Painted Skirt Tetras in my tank with dwarf frogs. They will add some color.

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