Question by  jonnyd (94)

What is the average household appliance wattage usage?

I need to make sure my appliances are not using too much wattage.


Answer by  jAG82 (236)

It's about 1000 watts or so. This average is based on how much electrical energy is being used in the kitchen by microwave and oven. Also, it's based on laundry washer usage.


Answer by  mlk (23)

House hold appliances draw an average of about 10-130 watts but appliances of High load capacity covers 1,200-5000 range.So,we can say that round about 1100 Watt is consumed on average


Answer by  Hamilton (126)

It varies a lot depending on the appliance. The range of wattage goes between 200 and 700 watts, obviously a washing machine, heating devices will use up much more energy than others.


Answer by  GeorgeT (94)

It goes for about 120, but it will vary. The average wattage use depends on the appliance and the maker. I would suggest reviewing the manual or contacting the manufacturer for specifics. Also, remember that old appliances will consume more power. Newer appliances are more efficient and built to save!


Answer by  ezampino (22)

These answers depend on the size of the household, the age of your appliances and the time of year. Each is a monthly estimate: Air conditioning: 36000btu- 900; Heating: 89 Clothes dryer: 85; Dishwasher (with dry cycle): 30; Clothes washer 8. 7; Convention oven: 12; Refrigerator/Freezer: 149. 9


Answer by  jeremyl123 (24)

Appliances use roughly nine percent of a households wattage usage. The larger appliances include washers, driers, dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators, twelve to eighteen thousand watts are used in a year.

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