Question by  Geezergrrl (19)

What are the differences in federal prison versus state prison?

Are the differences that major?


Answer by  Mike39 (320)

Basically federal prisons are reserved for who commit federal offences. Otherwise criminals get put in state prison in the state in which they were convicted. Usually the conditions are much harsher in state prisons than in federal prisons, but in federal prisons inmates have fewer opportunities for contact with the world outside.


Answer by  Shan74 (41)

A federal prison is run by the US government for persons who commit crimes considered illegal by Congress. State prison is for offenders of laws of a particular state. Though federal prison is deemed to be safer, there are many similarities between the two in how they are run.


Answer by  Sasha79 (30)

The difference between federal and state prison is the crime you are being incarcerated for, if you are an international threat, and if you have crossed state lines for crime.


Answer by  CBinc (43)

The difference is that in federal there are mainly political scandals and that sort; where as in state there're all the rapists, murders etc.. So, state is more dangerous.


Answer by  Anonymous

its very simple. federal prison is for those convicted of federal crimes. (bank robberry, drugs, corruption). State prison is for those convicted of state crimes. (murder, rape, assault and battery.) some crimes are both federal and state crimes such as drugs


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

In state prison, you have your normal orange jumpsuits and many more jobs including the manufacturing of furniture and license plates for example. Opposed to federal prisons, you have a blue jumpsuit with fewer jobs and are locked up 23 hours of the day. The one hour do get includes exercising/yard and showering.

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Not necessarily true, I was at a prison camp, and the only time I was on lockdown is at night. We wore green pants with t-shirts from 8-4 m-f and sweats or shorts other times. It was like a church camp.  add a comment
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you couldnt be more wrong... orange? Florida uses pink and white in state and Arizona uses just pink.. color has nothing to do with the type of prison, what are you, 8?  add a comment

Answer by  Helper48 (3)

if you are tried and convicted in state court you go to state prison just as when tried and convicted in federal court you go to federal prison.

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duh!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

U tend to do more time in fed cause u do ur time to the door. State u parole out quickly. Big diff in the type of inmates u are housed with state being the worse of the 2.

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