Question by  12yrmtgpro (21)

What are the characteristics of type b behavior?


Answer by  Theresa25 (37)

People who fall into this category are typically very patient and not easily annoyed. They are normally calm and collected, easy-going, and seem to take life in stride. People like this do what they can, don't stress over not getting everything done, and easily admit that 'tomorrow is another day. '


Answer by  starstuff (36)

The Characteristics of type B behavior are said to be a relaxed manner, calm, patient, and friendly. It is theorized that this type of behavior decreases the risk of heart disease.


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

Type B behaviour is categorised by relaxed, laid-back behaviour. Type B people tend to be calm and friendly, and respond to stress in non-aggressive ways. They lack the competitiveness and sense of urgency present in Type A personalities, and it has been suggested this relaxed attitude may reduce the risk of heart disease.


Answer by  worker7587 (37)

type B personality people generally tend to be patient, relaxed, and easy-going and may lack any sense of urgency. People with Type B behavior are described as apathetic and disengaged.


Answer by  Mac44 (479)

Type B personality is essentially the opposite of Type A personality. The main traits are an easy going attitude, a very relaxed personality, and very patient. Type A personalities can be thought of as "go go go" while Type B would rather sit back and enjoy life for what it is without getting too stressed.


Answer by  Anonymous

Type B personality people are calm and patient but lack in competitive spirit which is essential in the present highly competitive world.they lead a relaxed life than type A.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

The behaviour should be type a and not type b. The first preference is for type a. The type b behaviour never gains. Always try to remain in a type.

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Its impossible to remain in a type! your not just one your a mixture but you have more traits from one type than you may of the other so hence putting you in a type!  add a comment
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