Question by  aussiebev (89)

What are the behavioral characteristics of a Jack-A-Bee?

My dog is a cross between a beagle and a Jack Russell.


Answer by  Ali91 (9)

A Jack-A-Bee is very intelligent and learns commands easily. They need a lot of exercise and should be taken on walks daily. They also need to be around people and don't like to be left at home alone for long periods.


Answer by  johny (30)

Jack A Bee are notoriously energetic and are one breed known for being able to jump quite high from a standing position,they would have some of the characteristics of both dogs. Personally, I'd research both breeds and figure that your dog will have some of the characteristics of both dogs.


Answer by  Anonymous

My Jackabee cant stand to be alone. she is very intelligent. She also needs to have daily walks. Jackabees are good and adorable dogs though.

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