Question by  ahhmericanwoman (102)

What are the best ways to treat severe diaper rash?


Answer by  Mar (428)

Extreme cases require pediatrician consultation. Home remedies include frequent diaper changes, using a warm wash cloth rather than wipes and allowing the skin to air dry prior to rediapering. Pink Salve, as well as antibiotic creams, never apply internally, often treat the problem and show dramatic results within 24 hours.


Answer by  gisellam (17)

There are various creams, lotions and powder that are designed to rid baby of diaper rash problem. , Balmex and Desitin are the best diaper rash creams. They can come in ointment or cream form. The cream is easier to clean up, but the ointment seems to help better.


Answer by  Andrea74 (43)

Sometimes the best way is to remove the diaper and allow air to hit it, perhaps after a nice soothing bath. Products such as zinc-oxide are often helpful or homemade remedies such as a baking soda paste can work just as well and sometimes better.


Answer by  Lisa45 (144)

You can try over the counter creams. Balmex is what I found to work the best. You can also leave the diper off and let air get to the rash. Please be very gentle whenever you have to touch the rash.

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