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Question by  Caroline (45)

What are the best tools for breaking up roots in the yard?


Answer by  soaringeyrien (25)

I usually use a hoe to break up roots in the yard, however, I think that axes and chainsaws are also good tools. Also, small hacksaws will tear through roots nicely.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Depends on the roots' relative size: Axe/Hatchet, hand-saw, long-pike/wrecking-bar, loppers, mattock/pick-axe, & pointed-shovel/spade are the normal/old-hand-tools for the job. Power (chain/circular) saws are VERY DANGEROUS to try to use on roots. (because of the kick-back risks) A rototiller can break up smaller roots. A (power) plough/plow, stump-cutter, or trencher is required to break up larger roots.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well to be honest, a garden rake will help and also a pair of scissors. The roots will be cut most effectively with a pair of scissors so make sure you use them.


Answer by  DIYGuy (13)

For heavier roots I prefer tools such as axes/machette, or if they are real stubborn, mini-chainsaw. Safety is to be kept in mind with chainsaws though. Smaller roots can be dealt with by a good set of pliers/scissors or bolt cutters.


Answer by  yoyo123 (11)

I would use the following tools to break up roots in the yard: a shovel and a hoe. This is because a shovel can dig up stuff and you can just turn your soil over and can plant flowers in your garden over again. A hoe can work because you can dig the root up and throw into a pile.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

If you want hand tools a shovel for small roots, a pick axe for bigger roots and the biggest may need to be dug out and cut with an axe.

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