Question by  spinner7575 (26)

How can I kill tree roots in my yard?

Is digging up roots the only way to get rid of them?


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Depending on the size of the tree; digging up roots may be the only option of elimination. As trees age, their roots continue to spread and can extend for many meters. Those situations will require severing the roots from every direction. Newer trees (less than 10 years since planting) can usually be solved by commercial root killer sprays.

Reply by demetria53 (1):
My neighbor cut down and ground the stump of old cottonwood. The roots are in my yard sprouting trees everywhere. I axe the roots in hopes of severing them from the "source." My grass looks like a war zone. Will they ever die off? Do I need root killer too?  add a comment

Answer by  MartinFarmakov (285)

Another way of killing the tree roots except digging them up is by welding them with fire. That way they die and stat dead underground and won't grow any more. Because of the fire produced by the welding the roots will drain their energy and die and will stop growing in the yard.


Answer by  Chris D. (18)

No, aside from digging or pulling them out with a backhoe, there is a machine called a stump grinder that will remove the root in chunks. You can call a arborist or landscaper to contract them to remove the stump, or rent one from a heavy equipment rental shop and do it yourself.


Answer by  ilango (226)

yes. u can completely digging up roots is the only way to get rod of them. otherwise the roots become another plant and damage ur yard. even small roots is planted and make much more difference in yard. So the best and cheap idea is maintain the yard is to digging roots and not shaven the roots.


Answer by  MaryN (1)

my orange tree has fibrous roots. i cut the roots and transplanted the tree. will it re-grow since its fibrous and not tap root?

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