Question by  asavage (2)

What are the best days of the week to visit Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun?


Answer by  Lexie (115)

The best days of the week to visit a theme park are Tuesdays and wednesday. If you go to a theme park in the middle of the week they are usually empty.


Answer by  jdcoffman (12)

I prefer to visit the themeparks during the week, and in the early summer when the summer school crowds aren't as thick and the rides are less busy. WoF is a lot of fun though, so even when the rides are busy it's well worth it. Enjoy your stay! (I haven't been to Oceans of Fun)


Answer by  Hassan (68)

The best days of the week to visit Worlds of fun and oceans of fun are summer vacations the month of June and July are the best days to visit Oceans and for other places weather depends very much in winter season you can visit countries of Middle East Africa but in summers best places to visit are beaches.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have had great luck on July 4th and in October on Sundays


Answer by  yarniechick (118)

Usually the best days to visit would be mid week. The crowds tend to be less, and the lines shorter. Any holiday will of course equate to longer lines and bigger crowds.


Answer by  Napasaurus (243)

Generally speaking the best days to visit any major attraction depends on a couple of factors. First, are the majority of local schools in session, if not expect the park to be packed. Secondly, avoid opening day, weekends and holidays, call in sick and go on a boring Wednesday.

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