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Question by  Jonathan (41)

What are some fun AO video games?

Adult only games sound like fun.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

You should try the game "Bonetown." It's a Sex themed adventure game, and is purely an Adult Only game. It doesn't have extreme lasting appeal, but it is entertaining enough for a day.


Answer by  peanut42 (63)

There aren't many games rated AO, but the main one that comes to mind is GTA san andreas with the hot cofee mod. This was re-rated to M after they discovered a hidden sex minigame.


Answer by  NoblesseOblige (444)

There are very few Adult Only games, and the ones that are not sexual in nature can be counted on one hand. these include Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt 2, as well as The Punisher game, due to graphic violence and blood. NOT for the faint of heart.


Answer by  lonnie (8)

The best adult game have to be grand theft auto its free roam you can do what ever want take over a city its a fun game i reccomend it.


Answer by  brilliance (54)

Wikipedia has a list of games with the rating. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was very fun, despite serious problems. Manhunt was entertaining, thus, Manhunt 2 should be a fun game. Indigo Prophecy is considered a fun game. Most others seem to be explicit porn, most such games are tedious.

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