Question by  worker2669 (17)

What are the best cameras on the market for a beginner?


Answer by  melon (250)

Anything from Canon or Nikon will do the job. If you can afford, a model with image stabilization (IS, in Canon) or vibration reduction (VR, in Nikon) will help a great deal. In low light situations, you will be glad you have that feature. Don't go for more expensive ones. There's not much difference.


Answer by  filioslynch (22)

I'm a strong supporter of the Cannon Rebel XS. It has settings to take many different types of pictures, and the auto is good in a pinch too! Another great thing is the lenses are interchangeable, and fits most makes. It's also an easy item to find, and won't hurt your wallet as much as many.


Answer by  Adelle (277)

In my opinion the best camera is a simple point and shoot. It's not a good idea to blow alot of money on an expensive camera because by the time you learn how to use all the functions it will be so far in the past. My personal favorite is my Nikon Coolpix digital camera.


Answer by  Photo (75)

Honestly, the best thing to start with is a used 35mm film camera. You will develop an understanding of how the camera works without wasting your money. I highly recommend the Canon AE-1P or the Pentax K1000. If you want to go digital, try any Canon Rebel.

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