Question by  dc1979 (16)

What are the benefits of a salt water wet/dry filter?


Answer by  digmyspace (249)

Although filters for salt water are more elaborate and expensive you'll find that the wet/dry type of filters are the most simplified for salt water filtration. They are really efficient and hence very cost effective.

Reply by tweety (266):
I spent about 300$ for my wet/dry filter. It seemed a lot, but maintaining it is sooooo easy and the initial investment for my salt water aquarium is worth every penny!  add a comment
Reply by wonderman (201):
Tweety - which style did you set up. The External Power type, the Canister style or the Sump Style?  add a comment

Answer by  addicted (186)

I find the fact that you can set one up yourself is the biggest plus point. It's fun and when you DIY - it adds a lot of thrill in maintaining the aquarium.

Reply by cmc94 (302):
If you DIY, I seriously say that you should do some calculations about the size of the filter you need and calculate the amount of water you need to filter. Too small a filter and everything will be messy!  add a comment
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