Question by  viva (60)

What are the basics of blueberry propagation?

Can I just plant some berries and see what will happen?


Answer by  Bsjinx (97)

Blueberries require about six years to grow enough to produce mature berries. They require very acidic soil (pH 4.5) and need to be protected from very low temperatures in Northern states.


Answer by  mayandisivam (15)

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Answer by  andrewpil (22)

yes juat cut the stems and plant no miracle grow just water with sun and damp soil with in 3 months you should have plants grown up . then ejoy them


Answer by  mansi (521)

In the spring, take 3 to 6 inches of cuttings. Pull off the bottom leaves from the stem. In a pot, combine a mix of half peat moss and half sand and place the cutting. Water the cuttings slightly. The soil should be kept moist.

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