Question by  Hillarytheklutz (28)

What are the basic kicks in martial arts?


Answer by  Sbmkd (45)

There are four basic kicks in the martial arts. There is jab-direct punch with main hand, cross(direct punch with second hand), hook(punch from the side) and aperkat(punch from the below).


Answer by  anilaesther (47)

In case of karate these are the basic kicks Upper Angle Kick Middle Knee Block Lift Up Leg Back Forward Kick sekodaitchikamaite Martial arts are of different types such as, kumfu,tykuando, judo,karate,and so on........


Answer by  Jamie (28)

I am taking a beginners martial arts class and the 3 basic kicks we learned were the front kick, the back kick, and the roundhouse kick.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Basic kicks are the side kick, sweep, and round house. A side kick is 3 stages, lift, aim, extend. A sweep is a low kick done to knock your opponent off their feet. A round house looks like you are spinning in a circle while kicking medium or hi.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

In my martial arts class we discussed a few basic kicks. The straight kick, snap kick, and roundhouse kick. Those were the most basic, but there are many moderately basic kicks to learn as well.

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