Question by  EinsteinHalls (9)

What are the advantages of stainless steal countertops?


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

Stainless steel countertops are used in commercial kitchens for their resistance to stains, burn marks from accidentally placing too-hot pots on top of them, the ability to clean these countertops with strong cleaning agents if required, and their resistivity to collecting bacteria and viruses in their surfaces provided they have been cleaned regularly.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

They're easier to keep sanitary than your average counter tops since they don't get grooves in them that trap food and germs. You can clean them off with Bleach Water.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Stainless steel countertops have many advantages, the first most people value is how easy they are to disenfect and how easy they are to clean. Another advantage is their reflective quality which allows light to bounce around making the kitchen seem larger than it would with a non reflective or dark surface.


Answer by  hahagal (983)

One of advantage is the low amount of maintenance that is required for stainless steal countertops all you have to do is wipe and go.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There are no advantages unless you work in a restaurant and the city requires that you put one in for food handling purposes. These for restaurants are made from a high grade of stainless steel and the one you get for a house kitchen are not high quality. They are harder to keep clean and keep shiny.

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