Question by  lulu (20)

What are the advantages of a durock floor?


Answer by  MaximillianG (116)

Well we used it in our bathroom when we installed a new rain locker (shower). It was easy to work with and easy to install. Only had to put some screws in. It doesn't tear as easy as the green board stuff does either. I had an easier time tiling.


Answer by  MadeleinaTallent (44)

As I understand it Durock is not an actual flooring but a cement board that screwed into place before tiling. The board should not be placed over plywood or OSB. The board is permanent and is considered quite a bit more durable than the green board used in past years.

Reply by NessieGirl (103):
Problem w/green board is if you have a little leak somewhere the board gets wrecked. Durock can handle the problem though you would stillwant to fix the leak :-)  add a comment

Answer by  Kerrelyn295 (59)

Durock comes in 3 x 5 foot sheets at around $10 each. The price is right and the sizing of the boards is more advantageous for use in newer bathrooms which tend to have everything larger than home bathrooms from 30 years ago.

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