Question by  Kim27 (25)

What are some ways that teens can start getting modeling jobs?


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

First of all, don't waste your money on modeling schools. Legitimate agencies don't require them. The only thing you should pay for are photos for your portfolio and composite cards. Contact a talent agency that books models. You can get started by giving them good digital photos. If interested they will schedule an interview.


Answer by  wehadthought (391)

Ask local hairdressers or stores if they need any models. Look out for local school or charity fashion shows in your area. Send a portfolio to an agent.


Answer by  kherasakshi (124)

1.Search online for some modelling sites & put your portfolio there. 2.Search for the talent hunt shows or reality shows & participate in them.


Answer by  Crystal47 (59)

Teens can get jobs through modeling agencies such as Barbizon. Teens have to be accepted into Barbizon's program and go through classes before they move on to competitions. At Barbizon compeitions, representatives from many different modeling agencies watch the way participants walk on the runway and call them back after the show, if they like them, to offer jobs.


Answer by  AmirLuskyTinyBoy (229)

Go to a modeling agency and talk to the people. They will probably ask you to go get head & body shots done by a professional photographer. Good luck!


Answer by  keri (33)

Teens can get modeling jobs by applying to modeling agencies online. Also, try to do local fashion shows, pageants and go out a lot.

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