Question by  jsmith (2067)

What is the entry level position of a news anchor?

Becoming a news anchor has always been a dream of mine. I've heard the best way to get the job is to start from the bottom and show people you are committed and have what it takes.


Answer by  Bee36 (230)

First, do some research on local stations to see if they offer an internship program for individuals like yourself who would like to pursue a career as a news anchor. You may start out as an assistant helping around the station and observing the anchors as they broadcast. Find a mentor who is willing to show you what it takes.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Unless you have experience on one will hire you to be an anchor. Try getting your foot in the door by becoming an intern while you are studying journalism. Some college program can do this for you. Try and get experience in every position in the newsroom to be ready,


Answer by  moose7276 (190)

I would say that you are on the right track. many people have started in the mailroom, believe it or not. Getting employment within a station is the key.


Answer by  Podnik (119)

I myself was looking into becoming a news anchor and I also found out the best way is to start at the bottom and work you way to the desk.

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