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Question by  onomelon (9)

What are some unique ways to decorate rooms that have dormers in them?

I would like to build a window seat inside one of the dormers but would like something different for the second and third one.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Other ideas would be a desk to work on or study on, a relaxation chair or swing or even a bar area if you're looking to entertain people. Get creative.


Answer by  Anita14 (149)

Small desks or vanities, particularly for children's rooms, can look charming nestled into the confines of a cozy dormer. A small, flat screen TV or other electronic media can also be placed in these nook-like spaces to avoid cluttering the rest of the room. A pretty pair of dramatic vases or sculptures would also be attractive solutions.


Answer by  berthab (6)

If this is a bedroom, it would look great with a bed in the dormer space. A dresser would also look good. For a living room, two low bookshelves would work well in conjunction with the window seat in the first dormer. If the three dormers are in the same room, coordinate window treatments.


Answer by  caftril (176)

Glass shelved etagere with colorful succulents or cacti and Southwest-themed items. Next dormer could have a fish-themed mobile hung from the top with sea-creature suncatchers hung on each pane.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

You can put a desk or a computer table. Or if you are a sewer you can devote this area to a machine. Also in that area you could hand a spool rack with different colors of thread. Working by a window is relaxing.


Answer by  decomom (923)

Dormers are a useful place for putting a reading nook with an armchair and a lamp, a vanity, or to tuck a dresser out of the way.

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