Question by  bjham76 (27)

What are some unique ninth grade science fair projects?


Answer by  Christian (35)

The most intriguing science fair project I've ever seen was a review of the literature about memory transfer. Experiments were done in the 1960's feeding trained flatworms to untrained ones. The untrained worms would know the training! This experiment was done with rats, also, but it's not as easy.


Answer by  DrHarris (508)

Some of the easiest (and most fun) projects involve cooking. Some ideas: 1. Effect of different liquids on softness of beans. 2. What makes milk curdle? 3. Best way to wrap fruit so it doesn't spoil. 4. Best way to thaw chicken 5. Best egg substitute for cookies/cakes 6. Best way to boil an egg


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

There are many topics that can be explored. You may want to consider oil cleanup, agriculture/hydroponics, product comparisons, alternative energy, or another topic.


Answer by  rivndellelf (55)

Some unique projects include turning a lemon into a battery or examining behaviors of pets, such as how cats respond to catnip.


Answer by  Matt09 (25)

A few cool projects for students in the ninth grade are: determing if heavy objects fall faster, building a marble roller coaster, building a hoovercraft, building a water bottle rocket, determining an objects height through trigonometry, or even determining the calories in food.

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