Question by  Alisha (224)

What are some typical troubles with a 7.3l diesel?

I am having a lot of problems with my diesel engine and would like some help in troubleshooting it.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

These have the same problems as their predecessors. They can show anything from check engine light to black smoke out of the tail end. Usually the check air filter light comes on; all the check lights come on even when you have checked these locations. Basically they have more wiring and computer problems as before.


Answer by  MrSuperior85 (140)

what kind of problem you are having? if its giving trouble in starting then give the five time heater before starting, if its still giving starting problem then change the both diesel filters,check the fuel filter if its working properly,check all the fuel supply lines if its in order, check the air lock of fuel filter.


Answer by  razaqmoidey (51)

1. It vomits lot of polluted air. 2. It reduces performance. 3. It will reduce engine capacity. 4. It will affect the long lasting of motor vehicle.


Answer by  McCheese (1248)

7.3l diesel englines are great, but this model is one of the dirtiest engines out there. The soot thrown off by the engine will end up all over your car.


Answer by  davidpf (35)

This is pertaining to the truck I cannot make it Boost.It seems as thou the wastegate is opened.You could hear what I would call a wooshing noise comming out of the exsaust which to me sounds like a whole lot of air comming out of the pipes.It will do this constantly until the engine is warmed up .

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