Question by  assenav (68)

What are some types of careers that involve children?


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

A popular choice would be working in a daycare or preschool. Other choices are elementary school teacher or as a substitute. You can also be a tutor, clown or teach them painting or swimming. You can even write a children's column or become a children's barber or sell children's clothing.


Answer by  dollgirl (636)

Worker in a pediatrician's office, teacher, nurse, teacher's aide, children's librarian, tutor, sports coach, photographer, photographer's assistant, day care worker, retail store that sells products relating to children (toy store, clothing store), docent in children's museum, youth minister, doctor with specialization in illnesses of children (pediatric cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, etc. ), music teacher (piano, guitar, flute)


Answer by  mohandas (10)

One of the best career that involve childrem is teaching profession. In teaching profession one has to spend lots of time with the children. Some other profession include working for services for orphanage


Answer by  mahbubur23rashid (35)

There are the rules in every country for restriction for a job for a children. There are some types like padel worker, industry worker, home workers etc.

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