Question by  mssix (18)

What are some tips for serving in tennis?

My game is good, but my serve is bad.


Answer by  BilWitters (436)

Serving is essentially the same motion as throwing a football. A player should toss the ball high in the air, hitting it at its apex. There should be a slight bend in the knees with a player exploding into the serve. You must follow through across your body as well to maintain power and form.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Do not tense your body. Be patient and yes, hit the ball at the apex. Arch your back a bit and use your whole body in a forward motion. Follow through. And don't over think it! Feel the flow.


Answer by  nursey (13)

One tip for serving in tennis would be to practice a particular serve style until you becoome comfortable with it. When you are comfortable making the serve, your confidence grows, and your serve will look almost effortless. Another tip is to choose the area which you want to serve into before initiating your serve.


Answer by  kartwheelgal1 (5)

Serving, a main part of tennis requires a loose wrist. By keeping your wrist loose you allow the racket to snap the ball and create a great serve.

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