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Question by  George35 (13)

What is the speed of the fastest serve in tennis?

Who served the fastest serve?


Answer by  rwill72 (154)

The official record is 155 mph and is held by Andy Roddick. It occured on September 27, 2004 in a Davis Cup Match against Vladimir Voltchkov.


Answer by  JLOTT4 (25)

Officially, the fastest tennis serve on record is 155 mph (249. 4 km/h). Andy Roddick served this during a Davis Cup match against Vladimir Voltchkov in 2004.


Answer by  Juno (11)

The speed of the fastest serve in tennis is 155mph. Andy Roddick was the server. He served it in a Davis Cup tie in 2004 against Stefan Koubek of Austria in the third set of their match. He had served a 150mph serve a day earlier, but then beat the record the next day.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

The fastest serve on the men's tour is 155 mph, served by Andy Roddick. On the women's side Barbara Shultz McCartney blasted a 130 mph serve in a qualifying match, but the fastest main draw serve belongs to Venus Williams, at 128 mph.


Answer by  blsulcer (16)

The fastest serve in tennis history is 155 miles per hour. The person who hit this serve was Andy Roddick. This serve was hit in a Davis Cup match against Vladimir Voltchkov.


Answer by  tommy20 (17)

Andy Roddick holds the current record for fastest tennis serve in the world. No one has breached this record since he set it in 2004.


Answer by  Anonymous

Samuel Groth at 263 Km pero hour

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