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Question by  palmerde (22)

What are some tips for open floor plan decorating?

I think it is hard to decorate an open floor plan.


Answer by  wj (646)

Clever use of furniture divides your space into defined living areas - e. g. placing a sofa back-to-back with a shelving unit can separate a lounge area from an office area.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

An open floor plan can be overwhelming, but a quick tip is to trick the eye into dividing the space. Try a different wall color to indicate a different "room".


Answer by  EJMCG (75)

Divide open floor-plan into individual areas e. g TV area, office with desk and shelving, dining table, etc. You can define and divide areas with open shelving, rugs, tables, corner-sofas, etc.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Adding things like; paint, decorations or furniture that break the rooms into individual spaces yet keep the floor plan open will help you decorate easier.


Answer by  AlexW (407)

Contrast! Don't try to 'fill up' all the space, but make focal points. Different areas have different use. Make that show. Carpets can do miracles to allocate spaces.

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